Friday, April 27, 2012

#13 :karen degree project

Karen's Degree Presentation

Summing up the semester this presentation was given on april 23, 2012.  This was a learning experience as well this is not the end of this project it is my goal to develop this project to the potential that envision. Formally, the form of the screens and color choices are within the realm that I want the design to be. I also want to thank Angelo for being able to develop this design quickly. It is my goal to continue with this project and enhance the driving experience through the visually displaying information in an easy digestible way for drivers that are in need of results.

Friday, April 13, 2012

#11 : Log In Scenario & Car

The car is finally finish and here are some views as well as the platforms were my graphics will reside.

The form of the overall design has finally reach a place where I'm very happy and these are more screens of the scenario. As well I have decided to call my system iNTUITIVE.
As the user will be prompt to choose what he is wether he is the driver or passenger:

Once it is saved.

The system will welcome you and ask you to set some quick questions like name, temperature, height, temperature, mirrors and lights. Once that is save. Log in to your icloud or skydrive will be accesible and in this window it will prompt the user if they want to log in using their username from the corresponding source.

The profile will look like this will the main navigation appearing on the left.

As the user in this case me will have access to your profile page.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Instrument Panel

Exploration on the design for the instrument panel are the following:

Center Console design

In my design that I showed last time in critique was :

After several formal exploration there has been development of the overall design. As well as thinking of navigation that can be results oriented for the user. In the screen shown below it reflects the driver that for now I will name him John, I tried to explore the branding of the interface as shown in the circle on the top left . Even though I prefer the navigation being available on the left the aesthetic wasn't really there so I decided to explore another avenue. As well as the condensed type adds a little of a vintage feel which is not my approach for something modern.

In my upcoming design I decided to re think the colors and really look at the design that my brother has made and pick colors that help the aesthetic.The new design I think is the right approach and the typeface that I'm using is a german humanist typeface, perfect or ideal for a german car like bmw.

The lines that you keep perceiving in the background are a core graphic element of the bottom of the floor of the car (as shown below.) These were the inspiration for the core graphic elelement that I will use as a dominant component of the branding of the interface.

In regards to the car, it is done the final car is done here it is a sneak peak at the overall aesthetic of the car.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Car & Early Design for book

These are some early spreads for the process book that will made publishing through blurb.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Design and More Design

After visiting and discussing with my brother and some industrial designers some refinements were made in regards to the interior as well in focusing in making the car more than means of transportation to creating an interface that is not only intuitive but also transforms the overall mood and changes the environment. Creating a car become a hotspot for not just interacting with media but also transport the user to a different environment.

I feel that the design in comparison to the one presented during midterm presentation in which I will like the screens to have a desktop and overall sense of nature for the organic or intuitive essence that I will like this interface to portray. Since the car is electric the battery life is important as well as music and while driving the wheel icon will lit up to indicate that is being use and therefore similar to these screens will be what will be display since in order to create a safe mode of transportation the only thing that will be accessible is the whatever the user determines his desktop to be.

After looking at these designs one the user logs in there will be a menu for him to interact with.

After looking at this design there are issues for instance the battery is too small and since it is an important information it should be accessible not in the center console but rather in the instrument cluster.

In the main frontal screen there will be these 6 essential information that the user can get more information if he chooses but he is not able to move it. These are the speedometer, charging, GPS (maps) , mirrors, and lights.

Yet, the center console will be a removal tablet that all passengers can interact with. It will be a little bit taller than an ipad. The design is more closely to the example shown (bottom).

Friday, March 9, 2012

Midterm Presentation

Midterm Presentation Degree Project