Friday, April 13, 2012

#11 : Log In Scenario & Car

The car is finally finish and here are some views as well as the platforms were my graphics will reside.

The form of the overall design has finally reach a place where I'm very happy and these are more screens of the scenario. As well I have decided to call my system iNTUITIVE.
As the user will be prompt to choose what he is wether he is the driver or passenger:

Once it is saved.

The system will welcome you and ask you to set some quick questions like name, temperature, height, temperature, mirrors and lights. Once that is save. Log in to your icloud or skydrive will be accesible and in this window it will prompt the user if they want to log in using their username from the corresponding source.

The profile will look like this will the main navigation appearing on the left.

As the user in this case me will have access to your profile page.

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