Friday, February 17, 2012

Changes to interior and thinking about Instrument Panel

Sticking to my schedule this week I have approached some redesigns for the instrument panel as well as I have looked into the functions or the expected controls necessary in a car.

This a sketch for a proposed interior, containing a screen in the middle for share functions .

Monday, February 13, 2012

Interior of BMW i6

Thank you Angelo for developing the interior of the BMW i6, based on our discussion there will be a few changes but overall is developing to the interior that we have envision.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Degree Project

Degree Project Presentation 1

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The 2012 Winners of Interaction Design of 2012

The Best of the Best: The IxDA selects the Best Interaction Design of 2012, the Smart Design's dashboard for the Ford's 2010 hybrid sedans. In the interviews made with the winners many explained that the most successful designs are those that can be display multiple platforms and modifying to the way consumers behave. One of the winners was the Smart Design for Ford' s Hybrid sedan the I.P. (instrument panel) promotes fuel efficient driving by using digital leaves to reveal how quickly your lead foot empties the gas tank --but great interaction design can shape how people interact with the world.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Question redefined...

After exploring answers and the timeline in order for me to have a presentation. Therefore, I will focused in three main aspects that I believe will make the driving experience more enjoyable. Health, many of the concerned customers want to feel comfortable, therefore the lack of leg room, or improper seat height or steering wheel what that is not properly adjusted. Therefore, my role is to create a tailored component that the user can create his profile with avatar and with the ability of using the phone or the future of the car to adjust seating arrangements, ventilation system, suspension and elevation. Save "favorites" based on routes that you daily take.

Another need is efficiency mainly cost , going to the mechanic is stressful. Needing time to go to the shop can consume time and not really fix your car problem. The interface will run it is own diagnostic test as well as notifications that the user can turn on or turn off. This will scan and mark exactly were the problem is in the car.

While in the car, concepting the passengers play a role during the overall driving experience. As part of this the exploration in my degree project, a scenario about they are great moments through the trip to share with family but specially to take pictures. Since this car series, glass is the main material and therefore I'm how this can be a surface could transform in a surface that not only becomes a camera but also allows you share and post in that moment.

Haptic Interface

Thank you Tyler Galloway for introducing me to Brett Victor. In the article "A Brief rant on the future of interaction design" Brett Victor discussed the importance of our hands and textures. Through haptic technology:tactile feedback, touching and vibrations. In relation to my project the car should become a tool, that converts what we can do into what we want to do. The way technology is moving is causing us to loose the essence of touch and moving to what he calls pictures under glass. Hands feels things and hands manipulate things.

BMW i6