Friday, April 6, 2012

Center Console design

In my design that I showed last time in critique was :

After several formal exploration there has been development of the overall design. As well as thinking of navigation that can be results oriented for the user. In the screen shown below it reflects the driver that for now I will name him John, I tried to explore the branding of the interface as shown in the circle on the top left . Even though I prefer the navigation being available on the left the aesthetic wasn't really there so I decided to explore another avenue. As well as the condensed type adds a little of a vintage feel which is not my approach for something modern.

In my upcoming design I decided to re think the colors and really look at the design that my brother has made and pick colors that help the aesthetic.The new design I think is the right approach and the typeface that I'm using is a german humanist typeface, perfect or ideal for a german car like bmw.

The lines that you keep perceiving in the background are a core graphic element of the bottom of the floor of the car (as shown below.) These were the inspiration for the core graphic elelement that I will use as a dominant component of the branding of the interface.

In regards to the car, it is done the final car is done here it is a sneak peak at the overall aesthetic of the car.

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