Friday, January 27, 2012

Needs and Solutions

Upon my research several consumers concerns or dissatisfaction became more apparent through the inclusion of new technology inside the car. Therefore I will like to address some of these needs in order to enhance the driving experience of the BMW i6.

1. Need: I will like to customize to my preferences like seat arrangement, height and adjust the steering wheel, as well as color outside the the car, possibly certain components in the interior.
Solution: an application that can be accessed through the iphone, but it will used mainly inside the car through either a camera or sensors similar to those found in the kinetic sensor by microsoft. Allowing this hands-free system that tracks the movement of objects and individuals three dimension. Therefore allowing the car to become a caretaker based on the primary scan it will know which be the ideal posture and postion for your health. These settings can be saved and adjusted as well through the use of iphone, similar to a remote. As well as the customization of colors could be access through the iphone app. Once the car completes the scan the preferences can be saved on the iphone, therefor once the iphone is plug in as the key the car will recognize the user and sync any changes if made.

2. Need: I need to scroll from my gps app to my music app
Solution: Placing the remote within a close range and without making the user look down on screen for guidance. As well icons will be developed for all applications, and the interface will let the user use the behavioral gestures that are already common within the iPad, iPhone and tablets (or propose a new sets of gestures that are similar to what our conventional behavior in a car) So the interface between the driver/passengers with the vehicle is simple and intuitive.

3. Need: I can't read what is on the screen
Solution: develop a system that typographically is clear, in a contrasting background to allow legibility. As well develop a typeface that is ideal for young and retirees: that are larger height, wider width and thinner stroke

4. Need: I don't know what this buttons means or does, this interface is confusing!
Solution: An interface relying heavily on iconographic language that way is universal and therefore any age group can read and understand. As well avoiding distractions without the need of looking down to read. This simplification will facilitate use of the interface with no need of seeking tutorials.

5. Need: Oh, no ! My car just stopped and I don't know what is wrong with it
Solution : An iphone app that gives alerts and gives you a endoskeleton view of the car and which part is the one that needs to be replaced. As well the car will notify the user specifically of where the problem is, so when is taken to the mechanic they know what to fixed and is not over charged.

6. Need: Don't understand this graphic display , how to operate the control panel
Solution: the system will allow the user to select which controls and he needs that daily, they are presented near by in the screen next by his hand for quick reference. As well as customizing feature allowing the user to select what applications and features to be shown, an only those without the distraction of the other buttons. Therefore providing a solution to the need of providing the right information, at the right place.

7. Need: While on the road, I will like to text my friend
Solution: a hands-free feature through voice activation system which before sending the message will read it back and display it on screen so it matches with what the user stated. This playback is necessary due to these systems not being intuitive/ and not always functioning properly.

8. Need: Which music should I listen to...
Solution: mood equipped sensors in the car that depending on your playlist and most played it will adjust and set up the music that matches not just the duration of the trip but also it is ideal with your mood.

9. Need: I don't know what the car next to me is about to do...
Solution: develop a vehicle-to-vehicle communication, cars could anticipate changes in their position therefore reducing collisions.

10. Need: Less distractions
Solution: the system will allow the user to use the application when he is completely at a stop. Unless of an emergency it will the driver the option to report the crash as well as he given the opportunity if he wishes to call the authorities. As well as for incoming calls the interface will let the driver of the person calling and if he chooses he will answer through this hands-off system.

11.Need: Hand-me down car
Solution: through an iphone and sensor recognition system car, allows personal preferences to be transferable through the iphone. It allows the new driver to input his information and customize settings allowing him to create not only his profile but his personal preferences.

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