Monday, November 21, 2011

Phase I : Problem & Solution

My aunt Gloria works very closely and diligent as a translator for the hearing impaired. She has allowed me several times accompanied her and I have been able to see first hands some of the struggles that this culture is confronted with. This community relies heavily on visuals as well as technology such as iphone and ipad, as intermediate means of communication. Due to this exposure I will like to use graphic design for the greater good and improve their means of communication, or helping a subculture something with a social responsibility essence.
I will like my project to cover branding and as well as iphone app. I’m interested in branding and user experience. Exploring ways that I can use the technology that is at our disposal in order to help and create an application that is tailored to their needs it’s my aim.


  1. so: "how can graphic design help the hearing impaired communicate?" communicate what and where to who and when?

  2. regarding the new question:
    how can graphic design enhance the driving/brand experience in that specific bmw? ergonomic?

  3. sources:

    henry dreyfus associates

    general dynamics